“Quik-Open” or QO breakers are high-quality, accurate, reliable, and have industry-leading features. They are the fastest opening breakers used in the industry and come equipped with Visi-Trip indicators that identify breakers that have tripped. Visi-Trip indicators allow you to determine which breaker has tripped in the load center, electrical panel, or breaker panel. QO breakers provide overload, short circuit, and ground fault protection for commercial electrical systems. 

What’s the Difference Between Homeline and QO Breakers? 

QO breakers are typically used for commercial applications, and Homeline is rated for home use and is typically used to handle smaller residential applications. QO breakers can protect commercial appliances that draw a significant amount of power, and Homeline breakers are more budget-friendly and can meet the power requirements of most residential properties and some commercial properties. They are extra durable and long-lasting and have advanced features for more demanding environments.

QO Breakers With Standard Electric Co

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