Circuit breakers are essential for the safety and functionality of a home’s electrical system. They can detect when the current flowing through the wiring becomes too high and poses a risk. Circuit breakers can prevent electrical fires and surging and eliminate the risk of damage to the home or danger to the residents. They allow you to quickly turn off power to specific areas in the house in case of an electrical emergency or during repairs or replacements.

When Should I Replace My Circuit Breakers?

It is essential to regularly check and maintain your circuit breakers to ensure they are in working condition and adequately protecting the home. Professional electricians can inspect the home’s electrical system to determine the state of the circuit breakers. If you’re experiencing frequent power outages and flickering lights, or if your circuit breakers are frequently tripping or showing signs of damage, they will likely need replacement. They should be replaced every 20-25 years as a preventative measure.

Circuit Breakers With Standard Electric Co.

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