Conduit fittings come in a wide variety of different types and materials for different compatibility and functionality purposes. They are used to connect conduit to electrical boxes, connect conduit bodies, and provide maximum protection for electrical cables and wires. Conduit fittings prevent cables from becoming loose, pulling away from the electrical box, and getting damaged from corrosion or other conditions. Conduit fittings are used in most residential and commercial properties, especially if the wiring is exposed or runs outdoors. 

What Are the Different Types of Conduit Fittings? 

Applications, regulations, and compatibility are important factors to consider when choosing conduit fittings. An electrical metal conduit is used indoors to protect exposed areas. A rigid metallic conduit is typically used outdoors because of its ability to withstand harsh conditions. Electrical non-metallic tubing can replace electrical metal conduits for a more flexible option. Rigid non-metallic tubing is a non-metal alternative to rigid metal conduits. 

Conduit Fittings With Standard Electric Co

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