Conduit bodies provide easier access to your electrical system, connect sections of your conduit, and add an extra layer of protection to your wire and cable. They can protect cables from environmental factors and wear-and-tear damage. Conduit bodies can bend and change the direction of wires in a section of conduit to make it easier and cheaper to inspect and maintain your systems. 

What Are the Types of Conduit Bodies? 

Conduit bodies come in different shapes and sizes to suit your wiring system’s needs. Conduit bodies are used to direct wires and cables in different directions and are titled accordingly. For example, “L” stands for left, “R” stands for right, “B” stands for back, “C” means the straight conduit body with two entries, “T” conduit bodies have two raceways, and “X” conduit bodies have four raceways. Conduit body types such as LB, LR, LL, T, X, and C have different shapes and entries to suit your system. 

Conduit Bodies With Standard Electric Co

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