Safety switches are devices placed in homes and businesses that can turn the whole home or part of the home’s electricity on and off. Safety switches can prevent electric overload which could melt wires and start a fire. They can also prevent electric shock by cutting off electricity as soon as a leak is detected in faulty wiring. 

When Are Safety Switches Triggered?

Safety switches are triggered when they detect changes in the system’s flow of electricity. Plugging in several appliances into the same line can require an excessive amount of energy that could trigger a safety switch. Safety switches can also be tripped by faulty appliances, faulty wiring, and occasionally by lightning storms.

How Long Do Safety Switches Last?

Safety switches can last a lifetime but may need to be replaced earlier if they’re not working properly. They should be self-tested every few months to check their functionality. If problems occur, or if you are looking for a safety switch installation, a licensed electrician can inspect, repair, or replace your safety switches. 

Safety Switches with Standard Electric

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