When choosing a lighting fixture, there are a wide variety used in homes to achieve different functionality and aesthetic solutions. The amount of light and the style of lighting will differ between rooms. For example, in the dining room, you will want a sufficient amount of light and may decide overhead lighting such as pendants or chandeliers are the ideal way to match your décor while lighting the room. In a game room or living room, you may decide that LED lighting or lamps can create the mood you’ve been looking for.

How Do I Avoid Problems With My Lighting Fixtures? 

When installing a new type of lighting fixture that is heavier than your previous one, you should always make sure that your junction box is strong enough to handle the extra stress. If your lighting fixture is too heavy for the junction box, you will need to replace it before installing the fixture. After the lighting fixture is installed, it is also important to consider what light bulbs you will be using. The wrong bulbs could be a fire hazard in your home. Using bulbs over the approved wattage limit and fixtures that are too heavy for the junction box could cause problems and put you and your family at risk. 

Lighting Fixture With Standard Electric Co

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