Homeline breakers allow for fast installation and provide safe and reliable circuit protection. They are used for residential and some commercial circuits to protect the home or business while electricity is distributed throughout the building. Homeline breakers can provide overload and short-circuit protection for your electrical system. They’re essential for protecting appliances that use a large amount of electricity. Homeline circuit breakers are the best in class and provide incredible value at a price that doesn’t break the bank. 

Are Homeline Breakers or QO Breakers Better For Me? 

Homeline and QO breakers are both top-of-the-line products that are manufactured by Square D, which is a flagship brand of Schneider Electric. Homeline breakers are price-competitive alternatives to QO breakers and are mainly used for residential purposes. They are highly effective and reliable for homes. However, most businesses will choose QO breakers over Homeline breakers due to their quick trip mechanism, longevity, and additional trip indicators. QO breakers are available in higher AIC ratings, which typically isn’t as important for residential properties as it is for commercial. 

Homeline Breakers With Standard Electric Co

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