Electrical wires can include hot wires, neutral wires, and ground wires, wrapped in a plastic covering for protection. Electrical conductors can be made of aluminum or copper for different purposes and applications. They are insulated and protected to prevent the electrical wire from contacting other conductors. They are resistant to electrical leaking, short-circuits, shocking, and other threats. Non-metallic wires are used in residential properties as electrical conductors because they are flame resistant, moisture resistant, and highly versatile.

What Does Electrical Wire Look Like?

Interior electrical wiring typically involves three or more wires sheathed in a non-metallic covering with labeling and coloring that indicates the information about the wires inside. Non-metallic wires are typically hidden within the walls of the home or business and have a flattened and cylindrical shape. Underground feeders are typically grey with a plastic sheath and are used to connect outdoor fixtures. Low-voltage wires such as telephone wires are typically small wires used for small applications. 

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