Conduit fittings come in various sizes, shapes, and materials and are used in all residential and commercial properties. They should be picked based on the environment the cables and wires are in and the purpose that they will need to serve. Different types of conduit fittings provide different functions. For example, conduit bodies connect and provide access to wires, factory bends can change the direction of the conduit, and conduit couplings link the conduit together.

What Are the Benefits of Conduit Fittings?

Conduit fittings protect cables and wires and increase the safety of homes. They can securely link conduit together, link conduit to boxes or enclosures, and make connections in an electrical system. Conduit fittings can provide additional support to conduits and keep them secure and in place. They prevent cables and wires from becoming loose, putting strain on the wire and electrical box, and getting damaged from wear and tear, corrosion, or other environmental or situational conditions. 

Conduit Fittings With Standard Electric Co

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