Safety switches protect against electrical shock and fires. Safety switches can prevent electrocution that could be harmful or potentially fatal with no safety measures in place. During electrical leaks, overloading, short-circuiting, or other problems in the electrical system, safety switches will detect abnormalities and automatically shut off the electricity immediately. Safety switches protect against wet or damaged areas or appliances that are high-risk and vulnerable to electrical shock and other hazards.

What Triggers Safety Switches?

Safety switches are triggered when there are problems or irregularities detected in your wiring system. They keep your employees or family members safe by automatically turning off the power supply if exposed wires come in contact with someone. Safety switches may trigger if there is a problem with your wiring, during a storm, if several appliances are overloading a single circuit, or if a faulty appliance is causing an electrical leak. 

Safety Switches With Standard Electric Co

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