Time switches are devices that can control exactly when electrical circuits in the home are turned on and off. Time switches are commonly used to automatically turn lamps, fans, outdoor lighting, swimming pool pumps, holiday lights, and other devices that need to be on at certain times of the day, on and off.

What Are the Benefits of Time Switches?

Time switches can cut energy consumption by turning electrical circuits on or off at set times. With time switches, you don’t have to get up or be home, to switch your lights on or off. Time switches can protect vacant homes from home intruders by giving the perception of occupancy.

What Are Time Switches Used For?

Time switches can be used as a “sleep timer” to turn off the television or other devices at a set time. Sleep timers are used to turn off electrical devices shortly after you fall asleep to save energy by not allowing the electricity to run all night. Time switches ensure no electricity is wasted if you forget to turn off the lights when leaving a room, leaving the house, or falling asleep.

Time Switches with Standard Electric

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