Square D is an industry-leading electrical equipment manufacturer. They have a strong reputation for providing high-quality switchgear, breakers, transformers, and control systems. Square D products are trusted by professionals who own or operate industrial properties, commercial properties, and residential properties in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

What Are Square D QO Breakers?

Square D QO, or “Qwik-Open”, breakers are the fastest-opening breakers in the industry. They are designed to protect electrical systems from overloading and short-circuits. Square D QO breakers come in plug-in or bolt-on options. QOB or “Quik-Open (bolt-on)” breakers are effective, reliable, and high-quality breakers that have screws that secure the breaker to QO breaker boxes and combination service entrance devices. 

What Are Square D Homeline Circuit Breakers?

Homeline circuit breakers are compatible with Homeline load centers and combination service entrance devices. Like QO breakers, Homeline breakers are used to protect electrical systems from overloading and short-circuits. Homeline breakers are single-pole breakers and QO breakers are two or three-pole breakers, meaning they aren’t interchangeable. Homeline circuit breakers are commonly used in residential properties and QO breakers are more common in commercial and industrial properties. 

Square D with Standard Electric

If you are looking for Square D products in Mt. Pleasant, MI, then Standard Electric has what you need. We have been serving southeast Michigan for over a century and have grown to one of the largest electrical and electronic distribution firms in the country. To learn more about what products we offer, contact us online or by phone at (989) 497-2100.