Conduit bodies allow the wires inside to be accessed without the inconvenience of having to remove a part of the wall, sidewalk, insulation, earth, or part of a building. Conduit bodies can save space within an electrical unit by grouping wires together and making them more accessible. They also add extra protection from weather and wear and tear damage. When installing them, professional electricians will always take future access into account to make it easier to solve problems that may appear.

How Do I Choose the Right Conduit Bodies?

Choosing the right type, number, and size of conduit bodies is essential for moving power safely through residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Too many conductors packed into a conduit body could cause damage to the conductors or cause them to overheat and create a safety risk in the building. They come in non-metallic and aluminum depending on the needs of the electrical systems. 

Conduit Bodies With Standard Electric Co

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