Motor control devices can be manually or automatically operated. They are used for starting, stopping, speeding up, slowing down, or maintaining, motors. Motor control protects electrical systems by regulating operations according to changing conditions. Motor control has many purposes to limit faults in motors.

What Does Motor Control Do?

Motor control protects the motor and wiring from electrical surging and thermal overloading. It can also prevent the motor from randomly turning off or on. The thermal overload protection provided by motor control is designed to reduce the voltage, adjust the voltage, or if needed, disconnect the power and turn off the motor completely. 

What Are Motor Control Centers?

Motor control centers can control all electric motors in manufacturing plants, processing plants, and more, for control of multiple motors in a single location. Motor control centers are commonly used in manufacturing and processing plants that have control of multiple motors. Control centers allow for multiple motor controls in different locations to be confined to one location.

Motor Control with Standard Electric

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