Bussmann fuses provide reliable circuit protection to residential, commercial, and industrial applications to keep them safe and secure. They prevent electrical surges and overheating in electrical systems that could otherwise cause electrical shock or fires. Bussman fuses typically last around ten years before going bad due to blown fuses or in some cases, aging issues that cause currents to stop running through them. 

How Can You Tell When Bussmann Fuses Are Blown?

You can tell Bussman fuses are blown when the wires are no longer connected or when there is a dark and burnt appearance inside the fuse. When Bussman fuses blow, they should be replaced as soon as possible with an identical type of fuse. All electrical power connected to the circuit should be turned off when disconnecting any electrical equipment. If a Bussman fuse blows immediately after installation there is likely a deeper issue that should be evaluated by a qualified technician. 

Bussmann Fuses With Standard Electric Co

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