Safety switches automatically detect faults in the electrical system, such as a circuit overload, a short circuit, a power failure, equipment failure, and more. Immediately after detecting a fault, the safety switch will shut off power to the system to protect the circuits and equipment and avoid threats such as electrical fires and electrical shock. Safety switches can prevent life-threatening hazards and make it apparent when there is a problem with the electrical system, such as damaged wiring or faulty appliances. 

Where Are Safety Switches Located?

Safety switches are located in the switchboard to protect homes and residents from the dangerous effects of electrical failure. They check the current passing through wires and powering all appliances through the electrical system. Electrical switches should be installed on all electrical circuits within the residence to monitor the electrical currents running through all appliances. Safety switches are durable and can last a lifetime, but they should be checked every six months to ensure they are working correctly and providing the protection needed.

Safety Switches With Standard Electric Co

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