Electrical panels are metal boxes built into the wall in a discrete part of the building. They hold all of the home’s breaker switches, which can be manually or automatically turned off in the case of an electrical surge. They act as the central point that distributes power to the electrical circuits in your home or business. They also protect the circuits inside from overloading and make it easy to reset, turn on, and turn off all power. 

What Are the Benefits of an Electrical Panel?

During the event of an electrical surge that trips your breaker, it is beneficial to have an electrical panel. During breaker trips, electrical panels can be easily reset by flipping the switch to reset the electricity. With just a standard fuse box, the whole fuse would blow and need to be replaced. Electrical panels last around 20-40 years based on the amount of wear and tear damage they incur. They provide an extra level of protection against hazards and a steadier flow of electricity that eliminates flickering.

Electrical Panel With Standard Electric Co

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