Industrial automation can improve productivity and automate production to increase output and avoid downtime during particular processes. It can reduce injuries in the workplace and increase worker safety, free up time for workers to handle safer and more complex tasks, and increase profits and the quality of production. Industrial automation can also help businesses reduce costs and give them a competitive advantage by increasing operational efficiency. 

What Are the Types of Industrial Automation?

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Human-Machine Interface (HMI), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Power Monitoring, and Sub-Metering are important types of industrial automation that provide entire automated solutions for manufacturing and process control. Variable frequency drives can adjust a motor’s speed to match output requirements, the human-machine interface allows operators to monitor and control machinery, programmable logic controllers control machines and processes, and power monitoring and submeters measure and monitor energy. Industrial automation can replace or assist human beings in performing specific functions.

Industrial Automation With Standard Electric Co.

If you need industrial automation in Gaylord, MI, Mt. Pleasant, MI, Traverse City, MI, or the surrounding areas, Standard Electric Company can help you. Our Industrial Automation Division possesses a broad range of skills in its talent bank. We are capable of providing entire automated solutions for manufacturing and process control. We have been in business for 100+ years and strive to be responsible corporate citizens. Visit us at the location nearest to you or contact us today to learn more about us, our products, manufacturers, electrical solutions, and more.