An electrical wholesaler sells everything related to electrical items to service homeowners’ and electricians’ electrical needs. They provide products and solutions involving industrial automation, network communications, commercial lighting, power distribution, motor service, generator service, kitchen & bathroom, and cable assemblies. Electrical wholesalers have experienced and insightful staff that can assist you with product selection, energy audits, and all applicable utility rebates.

What Do Electrical Wholesalers Do?

Electrical wholesalers can provide the best electrical products at competitive prices. Electrical wholesalers have staff who are industry professionals. They can provide valuable insight to homeowners and electricians on their range of electrical products and solutions. Electrical wholesalers don’t just sell electrical products, they offer the support needed to help customers find what’s right for them. 

What Can Electrical Wholesalers Do For Businesses?

Electrical wholesalers have new technology, products, and business methods, to provide the best electrical solutions for businesses. They work with businesses to drive them forward by providing electrical, automation, HVAC, and network communication systems and components. Electrical wholesalers provide products and solutions that can help businesses increase safety and sales.

Electrical Wholesaler with Standard Electric

If you are looking for an electrical wholesaler in Traverse City, MI, then Standard Electric is the company for you. Standard Electric has been serving southeast Michigan for over a century. We have highly trained technical personnel in Traverse City, MI who provide valuable industry advice to customers. You can contact us online or by phone at (989) 497-2100.