An electrical panel is usually placed in an obscure location in the home. Electrical panels are responsible for controlling whole-house power. All of the home breaker switches, such as the main circuit breaker and individual breakers, are located inside the home’s electrical panel. Individual breakers control certain parts of the home and the main circuit breaker controls the entire home’s power.  

How Do Electrical Panels Work?

Electrical panels are powered by the electrical company’s power lines and used to distribute power to entire houses through various devices and outlets. All breakers in the electrical panel should be labeled and have complete power control over their respective areas of the home. If your electrical panel is showing signs of malfunctioning it could be dangerous and you should contact a certified electrician for help. 

Are Electrical Panels Safe?

If regulations are met by the homeowner then electrical panels are generally safe. Blocking electrical panels can cause fire and shock hazards. Electrical panels can become unsafe over time due to old age, damage, wear and tear, or improper installation. Sleeping next to an electrical panel is not recommended, instead, it should be placed on a wall in a discreet location in the home. 

Electrical Panel with Standard Electric

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