Bussmann fuses are a vital part of any electrical circuit and provide dependable protection to power systems in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Bussmann fuses can be used for most electrical appliances to protect electrical products from overheating, starting a fire, or warping the conducting metal. 

What Types of Bussmann Fuses Are There?

Low-peak class fuses supplement class-rated fuses to protect almost any application. Bussmann fuses can provide 3 tiers of protection for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. The 3 tiers of protection are basic protection, advanced protection, and ultimate protection.

What Are Bussmann Fuses Used For?

Bussmann series plug fuses are used in residential applications to provide maximum protection for air conditioners, furnaces, swimming pool pumps, hot tub pumps, power tools, and more. Bussmann series fuses are used to protect the power systems of commercial and industrial applications. Bussmann branch circuit fuses provide branch circuit protection anywhere on the circuit. 

Bussmann Fuses with Standard Electric

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